Tuesday, 8 September 2015



In our class we have read a book called Wonder. The book is about a boy called August and he has a physical disability with his face. He decides to go to school. He meets three people Charlotte, Julian and Jack. In his class Jack and Julian are being mean. August gets hearing aids. Then Jack then starts being nice to him. Then his dog dies. August goes to camp. They watched the sound of music. At the half break August and Jack saw the toilets were full so they went into the forest. They bumped into some 7th graders and the 7th graders started making fun of them and beat them up. Then Amos came and and punched one of the 7th graders and then ran away with August and Jack. Then August realised that his hearing aids were gone. Everyone went back home. When they got back they found out Julian had left the school. They had a big end of year ceremony and August won an award.

This book is about equality. Not about being mean because somebody has a disability or has learning difficulties or has special needs.

Thank you for reading my book review.

By Harry Wixon

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