Wednesday, 11 March 2015

my favourite place

This is my a story about my favourite place which is in Napier. I go there every Saturday.

N.S.C, Napier

When I am rigging on the shore, I wonder, wait, to see what today will be like.
As we sail out on the glistening water, I watch boats coming in and out of the channel.  
Once we are out on the sea, I pull on my mainsheet and start hiking to get all the power out of the yacht then speed out to west shore and all of a sudden…
I tack and sail further and further out to sea. As we are sailing, I smell the stinky motor of the RIB and quickly get on the other side of the RIB away from the smell.

When we sail in, I pull up the daggerboard and feel sad to be sailing in back to shore.

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