Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Quick Write Photo


Quick Write Photo

We wrote a quick write about a photo of 
a person who was diving off a wharf in Auckland.
This photo won the Auckland competition.
We used this photo because it has a mix of different things and we would get lots of ideas

The waves lap against the rocking jetty.There are boats, buoys, and the water taxi is speeding across to the North Shore. As a storm is brewing, I am bracing for the jump.

My heart, pounding as I leap into the air. I feel free as if I can fly. I feel the sea spray shooting at my face.
I soar, fly, sail.

Everybody is watching, waiting for a splash. Then I plummet. I feel the waves rock me up and down and I see my pants floating. Luckily they were facing out to sea not at the  wharf. As quick as a flash I pull them back on and climb on the wharf.

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